Cleaning Methods

Wet Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, and More

We use one of the two methods of non-toxic cleaning; Liquid Silicone and professional Wet Cleaning. Our trained staff chooses the method that is ideal for each garment.

The Liquid Silicone Process is derived from silicone, which is a natural element that makes up more than one-fourth of the earth’s crust (sand). We use liquified silicone, with its slippery liquid and mineral-oil-like texture, and combine it with compatible, non-toxic detergent to create a gentle cleaning agent safe for your clothes and the environment. You will find liquid silicone in cosmetic products such as skin cream, deodorant, etc.

Professional Wet Cleaning is performed in a computerized system that carefully controls the cleaning process. Specially developed biodegradable soap and fabric finish allow us to clean most fabric types. Professional Wet Cleaning offers deep cleaning for tough stains and odors.

Wet Cleaning

Green Earth Cleaning